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Members who have not conferred yet with lifetime CSP awards must renew their certification 3 years after getting his first CSP Title. In order for the members to renew his certification, he/she needs to present supporting
documents of 36 points taken from the following related activities:

Security Related ActivitiesPoints
Resource Speaker to Security Training1 point per hour
Attendance to Security Organization, Membership Monthly Meeting3 points
Published Security Related Topics to any publication other than “Ang Kalasag”5 points
Published Security Management Manual not more than 200 pages (copyrighted publication)5 points
Leadership to any local security organization5 points
A contributor at the official publication of PSIS International “Ang Kalasag”10 points
Leadership to any international security organization10 points
Guest Speaker to any Security Organization Meeting10 points
Resource Speaker to Security Convention10 points
Resource Speaker to International Security Conference/Convention20 points
Published security Management Manual not with 201 pages and not more than 500 pages (copyrighted publication)10 points
Attendance to Special Security Activities of any Organization10 points
Published security Management Book/Manual with more than 501 pages20 points
Advance Security Management Course Series 136 points
Attendance to PSIS Convention or any PSIS Endorsed / Recommended Convention36 points

Procedures for re-certification:

Members who failed to re-certify after 3 years is no long authorized to use the title Certified Security Professional.

    1. Letter Request addressed to Professional Certification Board

    2. Attached supporting documents of accumulated points.

    3. Members of Professional Certification Board (PCB) will validate member standing of the applicant, validate supporting documents.

    4. PCB Chairman will issue Authority to Print Certificate.

    5. Awarding of Certificate will be on the Quarterly General Membership Meeting.


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