By:  Dr. Eduardo M. Fulgencio, Ph.D., CPP, CFE, CSP

The Author

The ASM I, II and III has been designed by the author and his team (who are all experts in the field) for security professionals to enhance their knowledge in security management and to give them specific knowledge on how plan for their career.  The program is intended for those who had taken the Certified Security Professionals to gain more expertise in planning and acquiring the necessary tools in the practice of security.  More so, here are the subjects that a Certified Security Professional (CSP) must learn and understand to be equipped with the specific knowledge in their planning, to wit:

Advance Security Management I

  1. Physical Security Planning
  2. Business Continuity Program
  3. Introduction to Asset Protection
  4. Managing Security Operations
  5. Budget Preparation and Management
  6. Workplace Violence: Prevention and Countermeasures
  7. Risk Management
  8. CCTV Operation and Management
  9. How to Present Your Security Program to Management

Advance Security Management II

  1.  Pace-Setting Security Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Data Privacy: An Overview
  4. Incident Command System
  5. Internal Security Management
  6. Crisis Management Program
  7. Lock and Key Management System
  8. Intrusion Detection System Management

Advance Security Management III

  1.  Training Security Supervisors
  2. How to Prepare and Conduct Performance-Oriented Training
  3. How to Implement a Specialized Protection
  4.  How to Conduct a Security Audit
  5. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  6. How to Become a Successful Security Consultant
  7. Project Management for Physical Protection System
  8. Organization Resilience:  Security, Preparedness and Continuity Management System
  9. Dimension of a Security Officer’s Authority

After attending the three (3) modules, we believe that you will understand the road to your success in security management, whether you are a security manager/director, security consultant and a security services provider (security agency operator).

     However, after giving you these modules and learning, it is optional for you to be given the title of “Master in Security Management.”  You will have to prepare a sort of thesis like any other master’s degrees in colleges and universities, to test you on what you have learned from the program.  This document we believe will be very easy if you really listen to the discussions and gained the necessary tolls in preparing a Security Management Plan/Program and defend the same through the conduct of an interview by our panel which is composed of all the lecturers in the program.

Why They Need For the Preparation and Defense of the Plan:

     In the conduct of the interview (defense) we will make sure that you really understood what you did in the program.  In asking questions, we will definitely identify your weaknesses and shortcomings in what you have written in the plan.  Moreover, the panel will guide you on how to correct of all these problems and make sure you do the best thing in the program through a discussion with the panel.

     It is necessary to ensure that after getting the title “Master in Security Management,” you will be able to answer all the questions that will come about in your respective careers.  This applies to a security manager/director who, in the course of his job will have to encounter such a challenge from his management.  Another is a security consultant, who will also encounter this kind of challenge from his client.  How can you be a consultant when you do not know how to prepare a security program and how can you audit such a program.  More importantly, a businessman or businesswoman, who is an operator of a security agency or providing security services to a business establishment, should be able to prepare such plan.  Your clients might test your capability by asking your agency to prepare for them a security management plan.  If you cannot do this, they will raise a question why you are having a title of “Master in Security Management?”  Who granted you that title?  You must understand that it is not only your credibility that is at stake in this case but also that of our institution, PSIS International.

     To those who were not successful in defending their plan, there is a still a chance for you to correct the same.  The panel will give you some reminders on how to correct your position and a chance to get back in another time within a period of three (3) days or may be next year.  This opportunity will be given to you every time a program in Advance Security Management is completed.

     Do not feel that you are being given a hard time because we are only making sure that our graduate of the program is really a “Master in Security Management.”

The Advance Security Management Team is composed of experts in security management such as:

Dr. Eduardo M. Fulgencio, Ph.D., CPP, CFE, CSP

Dir. Lesmer G. Evasco, CPP, CSP, CSMS

Dir. Sebastian Puache, CPP, CSP

Mr. Neil M. Quijano, CPP, CFE, PSP, PCI