APINSP Jimboy P. Servas


He is a member of the Education and Standards Committee (EDSCOM) – one of the resource speakers of the Certified Security Professional Review Program, an active member, and belongs to CSP Class 349.


He earned his degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Lacson College, his master’s degree of master’s in business administration Major in Industrial Security Management at the Philippine Women’s University – 2020 and is currently taking his doctorate degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Development Administration Major in Security Development Administration at the Philippine Christian University.


With his drive to continuously develop his skills while providing learning development to other security personnel, he was awarded as Rank No. 2 of Post Graduate Diploma in Security and Resilience Management by the LEAPS Academy in 2017, a Commendation Letter as the Top 2 of his class of the Certified Security Professional Certification Program in 2016, and as an Outstanding Certified Security Professional by the PSIS International in 2019.

He attended numerous certification programs such as Certified Aviation Security Instructor, Certified Security Professional, Certified Security Trainer, Counter-Terrorist Operator, Certified Security Screening Specialist, Civil Service Career Professional, and many more.


He has been part of the aviation security industry for 15 years as an Airport Police Officer. Currently, he is designated as the Officer-In-Charge of the Training and Research Unit, Airport Police Department. Prior this designation, he was the Assistant Officer-In-Charge, Surveillance Division in a concurrent capacity as the Officer-In-Charge, Training and Compliance Section of the MIAA Screening and Surveillance Department.